Competition and Seller Report

We have added Beds, Baths, Community Name and Zip Code to the competition report to give your sellers more information about the competition in their selling area. We have also added the ability to carbon copy someone on the seller reports. This will allow you to send the seller reports to spouses, partners or other parties involved in a sale.






Transaction Reports

In iQ Office 5.0.10 you can now save and schedule transaction reports to be run at intervals that are convenient to you. When you enter criteria that narrows down the information in a report you have the ability to save the report to the sidebar of the report window. From there, you can run, edit, schedule or delete the saved report. When you chose to schedule a report, it’s as simple as setting the interval, selecting the recipients and entering a message.







Showing System

In this release we have added several enhancements to the showing system to make it more intuitive and efficient for the end user and agents receiving notifications. We have also revamped the emails to be more informative and mobile friendly.



Lead Emails

We have changed up the formatting of the lead emails that agents will receive when a lead gets routed, re-routed, assigned or accepted. The email is mobile friendly and has the information pertinent to the agent formatted so that it is easily readable and accessible to the agent receiving the lead.


Flyer Links

We have also added links to all the images on an emailed flyer that go back to the listing on the company or agents website.