Revamped Reports

Lead, Listing and Agent reports have been completely revamped. You can now easily set your filters, view and save reports to be ran at a later date. We have also updated the graphs to be more modern and look better with the data they show.


Listing and Competition Reports

We’ve added even more flexibility to our listing and competition reports. You can now go in and select what you want to and don’t want to see in the reports. (see side image) You also have the ability to edit the content of the report before you send it out.


Agents Acting as Agents

Agents now have the ability to act as other agents and complete tasks in iQ Office as those agents. We added this feature with agents and their assistants and other team members in mind. Now assistants and team members can act as agents that have given them permission to do so and send flyers, add descriptions to listings and create blog posts, just to name a few.



Transaction Checklist Tab

We have added a new transactions tab specifically for transaction checklists that will make keeping track of where you are in the process of a transaction. This tab can be found  next to the dashboard and transactions tabs. This new screen gives you a birds eye view of where you stand when it comes to the checklists assigned to a transaction along with all the search features and filtering you are already used to.