Marketing Template Searching

The marketing system has a ton of content and there was never an easy way to find exactly what you are looking for. That has changed with the new search bar in the marketing templates popup. Just type in what you are looking for and the screen below filters out the results.

Transaction Service Fee Changes

We have improved the flexibility on where and how you calculate agent and company service fees. Before the transaction service fee was on the grid you see when you first enter a transaction, we have now moved all of that information to the agent information screen. With this screen, you can calculate transaction fees differently for each agent on the transaction.

Home Folder Searching

We have added a search field in the home folder when moving or copying documents in your home folder. This should make moving your documents around to different folder so you don’t have to keep scrolling and digging for your files.

New Marketing Content

We had a few people request having more flexible marketing content and we’ve heard you! This release introduces a new type of marketing content that allows you to change a piece of the content based on your needs. In the screenshot to the right, you will see an anniversary card that you can change the date on. This is the just the beginning of content like this, keep a look out here or the customer portal to see what is coming next!


New iQ Office Layout

Even more choices! This release features a more modern feeling and looking menu that you can choose to use by clicking on your profile and selecting ‘modern’. This menu features a left-hand vertical menu that can be collapsed down to just icons to give you much more real estate on your screen.

Agent Action Plans

Agents may now create their own action plans for contact follow-up and automation. Create auto-response email, follow-up reminders, send surveys and much more




Contact Management Speed

An issue was found and fixed that caused contact/lead management to be extremely slow for many users.


Blog Preview

You may now preview a blog post before posting it.


Blog Entry Status

You may now set the status of a blog post to control its visibility on the website.


Lead Routing Auto Accept

Companies can now set a rule to auto accept leads that are routed to the general leads group allowing the first user in the group to automatically accept the lead.


Transactions Vendor’s Report

The vendor’s report was updated to not only show the usage of the individual employees of a vendor but it will also show the vendor company usage.


Transactions Volume Based Commission Plans

A new commission plan was added to allow calculations based on an agents sales volume.