Login With Facebook

Now consumers have the ability to use their Facebook login to sign up and sign into their portal on the website. No more having to remember 100 different passwords!

*This feature is only available on broker sites.

Office Listings

Next to the realtors tab on the offices page is the active listings tab. This showcases the active listings for that office. This will make it easier for consumers to find listings that are associated to their office and also help with the listings exposure now that it is in another location on the site.



Advanced Search

We have moved the sub type selection for the advanced search to the type drop down instead of the more drop down. We found that when people are searching for a property type, they also look to search for a specific sub type. This makes it easier to do all your searching in one place.



Map, Images and VT Links

For the ease of switching between virtual tours, video tours, images and the map, we have added overlay icons and text that take the place of the space wasting buttons on the listing details page. This allows consumers to quickly switch between the resources they want to use when viewing a property.



House Value / Home Report

We have completely modernized the House Value/Home Report. The minimalist look and the google powered address lookup makes this page a great tool for your consumers and even works as a stand-alone page. Since different real estate commissions allow and don’t allow certain verbiage, we created 2 links for you to use on your site. ( and