What’s new?



Showcase Page

This release adds a custom page type for your website called a showcase page. This page is a full-size page that really showcases the listings you specify in the criteria. The page details the agent, listings info and social media links to share and profile your most important listings.

Share Listings via Text

This new feature, gives the user of your website the ability to text the listings link to someone’s phone.

Seller Portal

Agents can create logins for the seller portal. In this new feature, sellers can log in and update the story of their property and see the website view stats. In the future, we plan on adding interaction with transactions items like e-signing documents.

Instagram RSS Thumbnails

The areas pages on your website will now show thumbnails if you post Instagram RSS links. This will make the info we pull in from your Instagram account look much better and more in line with what Instagram info is meant to look like.

Website CSS Editor

Agents and companies can now edit their own custom CSS giving them advanced editing power over their websites design.

Google Translate

All website footers now include the Google Translate plugin allowing company and agent websites to be translated into over 80 languages.

Website Javascript Editor

Agents and companies can now edit their own custom javascript giving them advanced editing power on their websites.


Listings Details Layout

On the listing details page of your website, you will see a new contact and details bar at the top. This new and improved header shows the user info about the listing and allows them to share it with a click of a button. This header also stays at the top of the details page when you scroll, so you can always see and share the property you are on.


Update Areas Page

The new areas page layout includes more search criteria and the ability to pull in more information to display.


 Seller Portal Additional Stats

The seller portal now includes more real-time stats about the listings activity.


Second Video Tour

Listings may no have a second video tour added to them.


SEO Site Enhancements

Various enhancements have been made to the websites to make them perform better in the search engines, including completely reducing all Javascript and CSS files into single files and the addition of structured data to all pages.