New Feature



At long last, testimonials are here! Agents and companies may now enter client testimonials in iQ Office to be displayed on the agents’ profile pages. Once approved for display, these sought after star ratings and client comments will be visible on both the company website and agents’ personal websites. The system will automatically compile survey testimonial responses in iQ Office, but none will be visible until the agent sets the “Display on Website” to “Yes” to prevent negative comments and false testimonials from displaying.





Messaging Templates

Now you can create pre-built templates to be used when communicating with agents and others associated with a transaction. Each template may contain merge fields, allowing customized communications with those individuals involved in the transaction.

Checklist Managers By Office

Companies can now specify the manager of each transaction checklist template by the office the agent is associated with. This allows more control over which staff member is responsible for checklist management and compliance.

Import Documents From Home Folder

Now agents can easily add documents to a transaction by importing them from their home folder.





Referral Management

Companies may now enter leads and specify the referral information for individual leads. Once the lead is added to a transaction, the referral will automatically be created with the details from the referral on the lead.





Keep Lead In Office

A new lead routing rule is available for companies to choose on all lead sources for keeping a lead within the office it originated. By enabling this routing rule, once a lead is offered to an agent, all further routing of the lead will be restricted to users associated with that office that are in the lead group for that lead source.

Closest Office Routing

A new lead routing algorithm has been added to incoming lead rules to assist with instances where no MLS or intended agent is available. If a lead is received and the system cannot determine the listing or agent the lead is intended for, the system will attempt to use the address of the lead to find the closest office to that lead.





Testimonials & Star Ratings

At long last, testimonials are here! Agents and companies may now specify two new question types when sending a survey. The first is a “Testimonial” text box, this new box tells the system to use the contents of the text box to add a testimonial to the new testimonials system. The second is a “Rating” question which will give ask the user to give a star rating of 1 to 5 stars. This information will be recorded to the new testimonials system if it is used in conjunction with the “Testimonial” question.

Custom Thank You Screen

Companies and agents may now create a custom page to be displayed upon completion of a survey. This allows companies to provide contact information, social media links or any other content they wish to display on a per-survey basis. The thank you screen uses contact and agent merge fields to allow true customization of the thank you screen.





Enhanced Social Media Sharing

The listing details page now offers multiple links for sharing a listings details. These links include, Branded and Unbranded Single Listing Websites, the Listing Details page and the new Showcase Listing page.