There is, quite simply, no better way to start the conversation.

iQ Voice leverages the current trend of customer-driven information as a means of connecting them to you and your brokerage through automated information hotlines created for each of your listings. In fact, many of our clients report a call increase of up to 30% thanks to iQ Voice. Here’s what it delivers:

  • Easy entry point. When potential clients see a toll-free number associated with a listing, they have the freedom to call without the pressure of speaking to a live person.
  • Full branding. Each customized message is branded to your brokerage, furthering your unique position in the market.
  • Options for more. Callers are given the choice to speak with a live Realtor or agent so they can ask further questions and schedule a viewing.
  • Data capture. iQ Voice logs incoming caller IDs to your database. This is a welcome source of high-quality, high-interest leads.
  • Reporting. Ongoing analysis metrics give you insight into how much iQ Voice is doing for you.