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The days of one-way communication are over. That's why you need a web solution that also encourages conversation and engagement with your clients and leads. iQ Web is the tool that makes that happen. With a host of valuable capabilities, it's the solution that helps you connect in a meaningful way. Look to iQ Web for these benefits:

  • Digital curb appeal. Your iQ Web solution looks great, because it's been developed in conjunction with experienced real estate professionals and tech pros who know how to converge aesthetics with functionality.
  • Higher page rankings. Search engines continually refine their criteria for how they determine what order to list pages in after a user searches for something on the Internet. iQ Web leverages the power of extensive development experience so that your site is optimized for the best natural ranking. On average, our custom sites generate 190% more unique visitors and 320% more page views.
  • Real connections with leads. When a visitor comes to your site, they'll enjoy the ability to search for properties and experience a host of robust capabilities once they submit their contact information. These active leads are then part of the broker database. This positions agents and brokers as trusted advisors, not salespeople, right from the very beginning.
  • Complete control. No need to wait on your "website guy" – you have the ability to easily edit your website content in real time. Just login to your IQ Web account from the homepage and change a listing description, upload a new homepage photo to reflect the current season, or blog about an upcoming regional event. Relax knowing your changes are immediately visible on the website.
  • Agent branding. Agents and teams rarely have the budget to develop a professional website. You’ll be able to provide each agent and team a free personally branded website with IDX and a blog. They’ll get to choose from templates in your library and customize pages the way you do your company site. That’s sure to support retention and recruiting!
  • Auto-generated single property websites save time and money because you avoid creating a custom URL (and sign rider) for every listing.
  • Agents can set themselves apart from the competition with professional agent and team IDX websites from our library of templates include a blog, giving them the ability to create custom content and drive traffic to their personal website.